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As mentioned before, the Land Sharks flyball club is focused on positive and encouraging training methods. We focus on the health and safety of our dogs. 


Our practices are held weekly and we focus on the success and advancement of each dog and team member as they learn and practice flyball techniques.

The Land Sharks flyball club believes foundation work is most important to enhance the performance levels of our dogs. Working on impulse control, recalls, focus, conditioning, desensitization and more, we hope our dogs will have successful, happy and injury free years of flyball participation.

Joining the Team

Prospective flyball dogs should have basic obedience training, be dog-friendly and people-frendly, be in good physical shape and prove to be up-to date on their vaccinations.  Time and patience can lead to a well-trained flyball dog.  A ball crazy tug crazy or high energy dog is a great asset but not always necessary.  All dogs are welcome.


To become a member to Land Sharks flyball club, each prospective member is required to attend six practices to assess your and your dog's eligibility as well as to expose you to the flyball world. 


Members are required to dedicate time to correctly train and condition dogs for the sport of flyball.  This means a practice attendance level of 80% if you wish to race your dog with the team. 

See our Contact Us Page for further details. 

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