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Hollowshot 'Finnagin'

Annika Mainprize

Stats - FM, TFII, PB 4.490

Breed - Border Collie

Owned by Margaret Hagerman, Finn was chosen because of his high energy level.  He loves working with Annika and has debuted in the lanes in 2018.  He is always willing to give kisses with his super long tongue.

Curb the Addiction 'Kirby'

Handler - Victoria Read

Stats - Height Dog, Waiting to Race

Breed - JRT

Kirby "Ding" was born Sept 3rd 2019 Loves to work for her treaties, doesn't care what we're doing whether it be flyball training, dock diving, or doing trick training. Kirby has her ETD 'Expert Trick Dog' Title.

Karbits Your Island of Games 'Kizhi'

Handler - Lee Waterhouse

Stats - Height Dog, FDCh-S, TFII,  PB 5.213

Breed - Miniature Poodle

Kizhi is a wee but mighty girl. Kizhi loves running in flyball and agility.    She also loves scent work and conditioning or body awareness exercises and even running errands - but her favourite activity of all is to snuggle under a blanket with Lee when she is quilting.

Trihard's Riding the Black Dragon 'Jitter' 
aka 'Bug'

Handler - Jessie Collins

Stats - Waiting to Race

Breed - Border X Whippet

One crazy Gal! She’s extremely driven and puts every ounce of her being into everything that she does. Jitter started to dabble in dock diving due to COVID-19 restrictions and she surpassed all expectations by achieving her Dock Jumping Supreme Title with her best jump of 29.0ft. She has also achieved her Novice Trick Dog Title. Her favourite past time is bugging her sister from another mother, Miss Drifty Pop! One thing she insists on is jumping into my arms and hugging me ‘tightly’…gotta Love the Bug! 

jitter dock2_edited.jpg
APAW's Living Your Dream 'Oslo'       

Handler - Lee Waterhouse    

Status - Learning the Ropes

Breed - Poodle

For a covid puppy, Oslo loves everyone he meets! His favourite activities are whatever we are doing now including flyball, agility, scenting, tricks, conditioning, etc. It is his greatest wish in life to catch a squirrel and has been known to sit still for half an hour at the base of a tree waiting for one to come back down so he can chase it back up.

Kisharo Ziggy Stardust 'Phoenix Rising'      

Handler - Suzanne Mainprize     

Status - FDCH, PB 3.800  Line to Line

Breed - Whippet

Phoenix is a cuddly, sweet and silly whippy.  Finally in the game, he working on passing with 'scary' dogs.  At home, he loves the 'f' word (frisbee), his kitty, camping trips and field walks with his pack.  Special thanks to girlfriends Prank/Drift for being his idols (and now Jitter for teaching him 'bitey mouth'. 

pheonix dive.jpg

Handler - Sophie Maksymick

Stats - FDCh-G, PB 4.609

Breed - All Canadian Mix

Zoe was a pup who was returned several times to the local Humane Shelter until finding her forever home with Sophie and Leila.  She has trained hard and worked on focus and is now competing in the lanes.        In her free time she loves play with her sister Leila and best friend Drift. 


Heros, Retirees and Rainbow Bridge Pups

Scott's Buddy

Handler - Margaret Hagerman

Stats - FDGCH 30,000, MBDCH-G, TFE , PB 4.00

Breed - Border Collie

Buddy is Margaret's 'steady eddy', always ready to race with passion.  This loyal border collie also enjoys participating in barn hunt.  Buddy is a frequent visitor with his mom to the local hospitals, nursing homes and helps with troubled teens.


Handler - Ang Hart

Stats - FDX, TF-I, Retired

Breed - Border Collie

Charlie is a special dog who loved flyball almost as much as his momma loves him.  His career was cut short by medical complications. Charlie passed in December 2020. 


Handler - Jessie Collins

Stats - FDCh, PB 6.496, Retired

Breed - All Canadian Mix

Dante - 'the ladies man', the 'boss'.  Multi-talented and full of surprises, he is always ready to entertain.  His favourite sport is Barn Hunt and will work rats until he drops.  Loves agility and dabbled in flyball... and if you need any sheep moved - Mr. Dante is your man.

Trihard's Free Wheelin' 'Drift'

Handler - Jessie Collins

Stats - FDCH-G, TF, PB 3.571

Breed - Border Whippet

Drifty Pop! The Energizer Bunny!  This girl would like to be on the go at all times as she is so full of energy.  Flyball is HER sport.  There is not a day goes by that she does not make Jessie (and others) laugh.

Drift Ball.jpg

Handler - Sophie Maksymick

Stats - FMX, MBDC-S, Retired

Breed - Border Collie

Leila was a steady and dependable race dog for many years.  In retirement she spent her time relaxing and volunteering as a St. John's Ambulance therapy dog bringing joy and comfort to others.                          Leila left us in 2022. 

Luke Duke

Handler - Victoria Read

Stats - FMX, MBDCh-G, Retired

Breed - Beagle

Luke holds the record for fastest beagle in UFLI with a Personal Best  time of 4.453.  He also is the 12th place beagle for point totals.  This  very accomplished race dog has retired and now lives with his sister and human grandparents.  He dreams of chasing squirrels and hunting trips.

Piper Noel

Junior Handler - Annika Mainprize

Stats:  Height Dog, FM, TF-I, PB 5.988 

Breed - Lab x Dachshund 

Piper is a Kill Shelter Rescue from NOLA in Lousiana.  She races at her own ability just to please her handler.  At home she is Supreme Overlord,  ruling efficiently over her fur-brothers, the cat and her human daddy. 

Leading Edge Just Kidding 'Prank'

Handler - Jessie Collins

Stats - FM, TF, Retired

Breed - Whippet

Miss Pranky Pants, always the serious one but will give all she has got for the love of flyball.  She enjoys many sports: lure coursing, agility, disc.  Even though she is a beast in the flyball lanes at home she is a couch potato and will cuddle all day.

Teo Addington

Handler - Suzanne Mainprize

Stats: ONYX, TF-III, PB 3.984, Retired

Breed - All Canadian Mix

Teo comes from Northern Ontario.  He loved any opportunity to play sports; flyball, disc, dock diving and high jumping.  He accomplished  every flyball goal set for him retiring with over 27,000 points. Now the team mascot, Teo is enjoying bones, belly rubs and river swims. 

Tiny Brat Sept 12 2005 - January 18 2014.

Handler - Victoria Read

Stats - Rainbow Bridge

Breed - Jack Russell Terrier

Tiny was the JR to beat.  Full of spunk and love, this 

'tiny' sized height dog raced her heart out.  She passed

suddenly and left a big hole in the race team.  

Emerson's 'Tyson'

Handler - Victoria Read

Stats -  FMX, TF-III, PB 4.703

Breed - Jack Russell Terrier

Tyson loves to be a terror to his brother and sister. He loves his mom and dad and is the master at snuggling. He adores car rides, chasing squirrels, flyball and learning new tricks.  Affectionately known as DUDE.

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